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Saturday, September 25, 2010

How was the life without a car??

I was wondering for 1 day, what stuff i can do beside just hanging around with my friend everyday, everynight?
So i make up story for this and that, and at the end i feel like childish and doing nothing after all.

So for today 25th of September,
Morning, i wake up around noon already, sorry. I not really enjoy sleeping, but exhausted..

So straight for evening,
So, what do i do is, i wake up, updating my facebook, viewing new follower on
Who are my new follower, anyway. Nothing special happening, unless there is one thing i need to do.

Taadaaa! is My phone, checking phone call and sms, sometime.. Not sometime, Everytime!
Once i wake up everyday in the morning, lot's of misscall from parent, and friend, and sms from friends..

Well sorry, today no one was finding me, unless 1 girl who did message me early in the morning,
Who shes is? She is Jescy anyway, actually.. I known her around a weeks, well.. She make my day,

When i was bored, she always be there for SMS, i felt like, at least.. It wont spoil my day,

Anyway, what happen to my car was, the story was do really sad,
i only can let u view the picture, the comment i will not be entertain (Well, if anyone does comment it)
it's a good new for it, at least this blog is been view by someone else anyway :) Hahahaha!!

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