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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another story about my ride.. Episode 2 :D

 Continue the story about my ride, the last picture on the Story about my ride 1 is here :D
(What this?)

(it's actually my ATF oil, hell yeah, it's keep dripping for 6liter ++)

(This is the foreman/Mechanic in charging for my car inspection)
(Why do he open it?)
(Because i wanted to change the CV joint,
why the cap will worn out? and what inside look like? We will see)
(The cv joint disconnected to the wheel)
(This is how it's look like when it's alone, can't view it?)

Chotto Matteee~
(Can see?)
(Well this is how it's look like without the worn cap)

(Why it's will be like this??)

(Hahahaha!! Gear and Bearing torn out!!)

(You think??? Proton stuff is durable??)

(Let me tell you, When you burn out, one of this CV Joint which connected from Gearbox
And shaft to transfer the speed to the wheel which move the car, this CV joint known as Driveshaft for
FF car, which Long shaft for FR car)
(well yeah, say hello to new toy!)

(it's look like the line isn't straight, actually it is Grease)

(Play safe, use "Think yourself")

The story haven't finish yet, it's just started. :D
Do you ever cross in your mind, think about the car
Performance all the day?? Did ever think about the stabilities
And safety of the car how good it will be?? Think twice do think you
car is really really that good when come into sharp cornering? Well.. Never right?

So here is the picture what stuff for my stabilities upgrade.
(Ztt Ztt Zttt Zttt, Sound of box spinner for opening the nut)

(cling clang cling clang, Absorber no longer attach to the body don't believe, 
view the picture below)

(Tadaaa, told you that the absorber no longer attached)

(Where is my absorber goes to = = ? )

(Ohhh, here it is, the mechanic open it, But why?!)

(The cross link member which attached to anti roll bar,
Need to be replace, worn out already)

(Bye bye old absorber)

(Bye bye old absorber cap)

(Bye bye spring for the absorber)

(Zup zup zup zup, new absorber, wait the spring used back = = """ )

(Okay, what i see here is, new absorber new absorber cap, but used spring = =)

(Bzzt bzzt bzttt, absorber tight tight in place, waiting to attach with the body)

(zup zup zup zup)

(Tada, new cap, what different? 
View the picture below this picture)

(new cap)

(Old cap)
(What does it job does? Actually it's give more comfortable for the daily ruffle)

(My cross link is missing!! = =)

(Ohh~ it's not missing, is just change to new cross link,
hahahaha! Original from mitsubishi hell yeah the price also killing me)

(Everything seem to be good in place)

Darn, it's cost me around Rm2,xxx = ="
Eating maggie for the rest of the years.. HAHAHAHAHA!!

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