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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back on track :)

It's been awhile, that I'm not updating my blog, due of Exam is coming, tons of assignment rush.
5subject a weeks, it's kinda rush. Most of the time spending with friend, which is really splendid night with some friend, that really most of the friend is Birthday around October and November :)

Regarding about Birthday, 44 more days. It's my birthday.. Hahahaha, looks like there is nothing special about it.
No people will even notice or hang out like the old time, usually when my birthday, there is lot's of friend coming by and give me surprise party :) Yet, i don't even notice that I'm been celebrating with bunch of freak, Yes! My friend are freaking me UP! Hahahaha, But now.. Most of the friend, are busy, outside the country like outstation.
Maybe I'm going to celebrate myself, but yet. Day  by day, month by month, we're interact with new friend, and i love making friend :) I mean get know to new friend, and yet. I don't really feel like bored, because knowing new friend is part of my life. People won't understand, unless we speak it out loud.

Talk about friend, i been knowing few friend do really countable, usually i don't use countable, because i don't really that racism on making friend, i feel that we could communicate or even talks with, that could make him or her become one of my friend, i don't pick people to be my friend, I'm UNIVERSAL GUY!~

Within this few month, i been knowing few friend do really appreciate on friendship , which
name stated, Ian Loo, Timothy Hoo and Cryil Yap, there is no other like them :) Their really taking care of me, which people call it "Brotherhood" ? Hahahhaa, and yet there is few girl i knew, She's is Amee, she is really
adorable and yet cute girl i ever meet. I like her so much, because that make her so special to me:)

Not to mention, today. My brain, been stuffed with Mid term exam(up coming this Thursday),
and a complicated thinking of somebody i do really felt like, she's important of my life, but still..
She's not mine girlfriend.. That sad.. Hahaha, And yet, i learn my lesson.. Why do i fail in relationship..
Well, I felt like not going to said something about that, that make me felt like guilty.. Hahaha...
I'm really a type of guy, who treat a girl which i adore most, like making them is queen of my heart..
I will make her proud, I will always be the front line to protect her when she's in trouble,
I will make her comfortable with me, I willing to sacrifice for her. I willing to change just for her,
Even people said she's UGLIEST! But for me, once she's my is in my part of life, i will make her the prettiest in the world which people wont even a match for her in my heart.. I don't mind that, as long she's happy with me,
i could fulfill anything she needs, giving her a place of warm which make her I'm the special one, I'm happy :)

But now days, it's hard to find a truly soul mate.. Everyone is.. Not to mention, but.. Somehow.. I wish i could find one.. Hahaha, man, sound desperate to me! Hahahaha!

But around 10 pm, i decide to get some chill, I'm tired.. So i went off to Damai, Up to you, and order a cup of my favorite drink, Lychee's Berry Ice :) And chatting with one of my brother, Cyril which is selling a Huge hot dog i ever eat so far, it's been imported at Brunei, the price for each hot dog is cost Rm3.50. Which you could order 1 set, RM10 for 3. Which save your cost around Rm50 cents, hey! Rm50 cent's is a lot, alright!?
I'm not cheap skate, but you try imagine those Philippines boys out there, you giving out rm50cents is mean a lot for them, more like Rm5 for us. Alright enough conversation. I'm going to showing off some picture of it :)
Sorry for the inconvenience, my camera do really sux, 2.0 megapixel, what do you hoping for? hahaha!!

I really love the one with Mushroom + Cheese, it's taste yummy to me :P
Hahahahah! Well, if you feel free, please do visit and support my brother :)

I think i will stop from here, tomorrow i will try my best updating my blog :)
Thanks for viewing..

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