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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another day with another entries..

Today, early in the morning, I'm so tired to even to wake up..
So, i wake early in the morning, around 8am. I straight to the toilet and prepare for going to college.
Day my day, i felt I'm truthfully fall in love with her, and even every single image in my mind is related about her :O And i felt like I'm no longer anymore Kevin that people know. Hahahaha! And yet, i said to myself.
Kevin, wake up. It's time to think positive, we're different world, and such a rock slide in between me and her..
So give up give up on her! Damn, the depression feeling make me more fall in love with her, so i stuff my feeling,
with smack my own face :O LoL.. Stupid me.. Hahahaha!

And after that, i finished my bath, i wear my best attire off to college. I thought that i gotta be late, it's around 8:55am, i said SAFE! Because another 5 minute, class start. Hahahaha.. And i learn about Kitchen Organization in the class, and Sir Naim. Giving out Quiz, it's almost related with the Mid term exam, if you guy's manage to answer all the question without a problem, which mean you guys is entitle to pass the exam. He said so..
Actually, that not the big issue for me, I'm dedicate guy who learn anything in formal. And all i been struggle is,
Malaysian Studies and Tourism subject.. Help me.. I have been scratching my head over and over again, at the moment ago, i did scratch my head :p

So after the class dismiss, i with my bunch of culinary student(Friend) stay at the CC for awhile, HOLD ON.
CC stand for, Cosmopoint Cafe's. Hahahaha! Actually it's not a cafe anyway, it's more like stall. Which usually, people known as "warung" hahaha, Just right outside our college.. Hahahaha! Take some rest and chatting with each other, discussing about tomorrow exam, which class to enter, which time we all come together :P Hahahaha, so that why, for the whole class, we're sitting with each other.. :P So at the moment of conversation,
We notice that, we have to take Exam slip. So we do asked at the counter, and asking about how to redeem out exam slip? The staff tell us that, you guy's have to redeem at the MAA Tower, at the moment she said so.
Our face was like "OH my gawd! And one of the friend said OH MY GAWD!(I was thinking of Usher - OMG Feat Then continue with, Baby let me love you down. And all the staff and friend laugh at me. Hahaha. Alright, it's just for entertainment purpose. So we guy and discuses, and why don't we "Satu kampung turun" which known as, let go(crowd). And we end up meeting there and take our Exam slip and we split up there..

So after a moment ago, i noticed. I Been Invited by one of My brother who currently work at Proton, Sales department, since so I'm his Sale's Advisor, so i been invited to the launching, Oh Sorry. For you information, Today was Proton Inspira launching day. So i drop by at Api Api, Proton office there. I shock, to see the Proton Inspira, the design was almost the same. What's make it different from Mitsubishi Lancer GT or Mitsubishi Evo X is. Proton Inspira also come with 1.8 cc which mean is 4B10 engine, and 2.0CC engine which come with 4b11 engine, and yet it's mivec, running with CVT Gearbox.. And it's almost the same.
What make more specific different is. The sizes and the design of Rim, Proton Inspira is coming with 16" Alloy rim, and Mitsubishi coming with 18" alloy rim. The front and back bumper for proton Inspira also re-designing, for fitting the image of Proton. Overall, It's a copy -paste from the Original Lancer :)
So the price different? Of course, in between 30grant, a.k.a RM30K plus, so for the Customer who really interested on Mitsubishi Evo X and yet Mitsubishi Lancer GT and yet low budget, Sorry to said, Wannabe?
Go get a Proton Inspira, changing the image of the Proton Inspira to Mitsubishi also won't cost you around 30 thousand that much :P So the price starting with RM79,XXX..

Alright, stop talking. Showing the Image. View to believe :P

And this is for the Base- Line unit which is 1.8cc engine capacity, so its almost like very normal inside, for the car enthusiast.. Can get the Premium line or known as High line, it's coming with Trip-tronic shift paddle, automatic Air conditioner level, which you could found in the Lancer GT :)

Interesting on getting one of this could straight contact me from giving out comment :)

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