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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Time Experience Making a Tattoes :)

Yesterday, one of my best brother, Not real brother but, friend of my, and yet we're been known each other since high school, I'm really well impress by all the arts "Tattoo" around his arms and shoulder, and yet come cross with topic with it, and yet. We chat around 3hours, and i directly shoot it and said, can i have 1?

Hahaha! Yeah, He promised and thanks god, that night was the night he doing for his 4th tattoo on his arms, First was "Koi fish" , and 2nd "Snake Fist" Translating to Chinese is "蛇拳“,  3rd one is His first daughter name "Aiko" and the latest one is "Ace of Spades in between the picture there is a Skull inside it" And yet, Tattoo is formerly known as Arts of body skin, and Yet, I love the design of his Tattoo, surround with effect and shading :)

Alright, i stop talking about it, let me show you the picture :)

 (After finish at Tattoo parlour stay at Lintas Frenz Cafes)

(My friend new tattoo, Ace Of Spades)

(I was searching more idea about next tattoo :) )

(A smile for photosnap :) )

(Lining ^_^ )

(See to believe)

(Tadaaa :) )
(Sorry, the smile on my face isn't that nice) :P

(After thousand needle point on the skin, it's nice to have a cup of Green tea)

Maybe other feel scared at the first, maybe the words describe by the tattoo artist were right
Different people does really have different feeling after all, what i feel like, it's like the same feel
When your finger or skin been cut or been stab by plenty of time, or more easy to state is, same feel
Like when my friend, Pinch my skin and dragging all the way been pointed? Hah? Hahaha!! Tattoo is all About the passion and pain that you been go through the process, Why do i make a tattoo? It's a story about.
Forget the past, live with the rest of you life, 
If you mess with the best, you will end your life with the rest,
In other word, Get a life, and Stop hagging like bitch. :)
And don't forget for people who viewing my blog,
I'm a type of guy that love something different :)

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